Love Letter

Dear Love,

This is my love letter that I’ve come up with from deep within, I know I’ve made mistakes but this world has endless sins. Please don’t neglect me for the times I couldn’t be there, I know I’ve had excuses but they’re the truth boo I swear. School and work, have both been occupying my time, but I thought you could handle it because I thought you were mine. I can’t blame you for the side conversations you had with those hoes, I knew your life style but it was still the path I chose. The other night I was on my step staring at a picture from last year, I tried to stop myself but before I knew it I caught a tear.

What happened to the promises we made, that we’d be here no matter the stage, through good or through bad our love would never fade. Today’s another day and everyone we love has hate, they don’t want to see us together for different reasons we let invade. We shouldn’t have let them get the best of our mind, if we knew it was love why did we even waste our time. Their words should’ve been ignored, their actions should’nt have been sold. Damn I remember the times we had even though they’ve gotten old. When I stare at this picture I see “us” still there, the love in our eyes the love floating in the air. I wonder when you open this letter will these things I mention bring you a tear? Or will you go on with life and not even care.

My emotions I project always seem to bring a scare, because not everyone’s love is as hard or deep as me as I think in this chair. But, still I question our families so called detection, trying to put us apart to find us someone with perfection. If they knew our connection would they still want us to go in different directions? Two imperfections made us come closer, our hearts failure to work, and our trust being punctured. When we got together it’s like we healed each other’s past, put a new direction in moving forward was our path. The first night you touched me in places you knew you couldn’t have, I immediately became attached and told you to move back. I’d never been so tempted to throw off my clothes, but I had to play hard to get because that’s a ladies role. Just know since that day my heart was stole. So as I write this letter I wonder where you are, I know you’ve got females that look up to you like a star. I just hope one day you come home to your future wife I’m not too far. I dream of the day we can drop everything to become Mr. and Mrs. but hopefully when I wake up it’ll be reality and not wishes.

Yours Truly,
Future Mrs.

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